Stadium Pros Pledge
  • 2,500 Seat Angle Frame GrandstandLincoln, AL, USA
  • 800 Seat Angle Frame Grandstand - FootballGreen Forest, AR, USA
  • Angle Frame Grandstand AdditionLittle Rock, AR, USA
  • 800 Seat Angle Frame Grandstand + Custom Press Box + BandstandQuitman, AR, USA
  • Angle Frame Grandstand + Blue Riser BoardBirmingham, AL, USA
Angle Frame
  • An all aluminum angle frame grandstand is a very popular and cost-effective way to meet your bleacher needs.

    Our ability to custom design and construct a 50,000 seat stadium or fabricate and install a portable system using almost all aluminum is just one thing that makes us dynamic and puts the “Pro” in Stadium Pros, Inc.

    Angle frame grandstands are designed to be permanently anchored to a concrete foundation. The frames, braces and understructure are welded aluminum angle which offer years of maintenance-free service. All bleacher planking is extruded aluminum. Seat planks have a clear anodized finish, while footboard planks are mill finished. Handrails are smooth brushed aluminum. One of the most exciting customizations to our bleacher systems including grandstands is the ability to offer our clients colored riser boards. Riser boards can be ordered to match your organizations colors. Powder coating is a coloring method used in the aluminum industry with several desirable characteristics such as good resistance to impact, and excellent UV and corrosion resistance. Adding colored riser board to your grandstand can really leave a lasting impression with fans and distinguish your stadium from the competition.

  • Anchored to concrete foundation to meet all wind and natural disaster requirements.
  • Modern all aluminum structure.
  • Requires virtually no maintenance.
  • Brushed aluminum aisle handrails.
  • Handicap cutouts & ramps.
  • Powder coated riser board available in your teams’ colors.
  • Heavy gauge chain link fencing or colored vinyl fencing.
  • Meets or exceeds all safety & code requirements.
  • Fully scalable to meet future additional bleacher requirements.
  • Open decking, semi-closed decking or enclosed interlocking decking.
  • Bandstands can be added to all grandstands.

Structural Images:

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