Stadium Pros Pledge
  • 200 Seat Stadium Bleachers - SoccerUAH - Huntsville, AL, USA
  • Elevated Stadium Bleachers - BaseballOxford, AL, USA
  • Elevated Stadium Bleachers - Angle Frame + Custom Press BoxUAH - Huntsville, AL, USA
  • Stadium Chair Back Seats - FootballLettered & Numbered
  • Enclosed Interlocking Decking + Stadium Chair Back Seats - BaseballFarmington, AR, USA
  • Elevated Stadium Bleachers - I-BeamOxford, AL, USA
  • Stadium Bleachers - 5 Row x 21'Farmington, AR, USA
  • Endzone Non-Covered BandstandGreen Forest, AR, USA
  • Non-Elevated Stadium Bleachers - 5 Row x 15'Belmont, MS, USA
  • Stadium Chair Back Seats - BaseballLettered & Numbered
  • Indoor Stadium Bleachers - Semi-Closed DeckingLoganville, GA, USA
Stadium Bleachers
  • Stadium Bleachers or simply “bleachers” are a dynamic and effective solution for a majority of our clients. Encompassing a multitude of different sizes, sports, events and uses; our bleacher systems can be customized to fit your needs.

    Stadium Bleachers are customizable and typically designed to be permanently anchored, however; some systems can be designed to be transportable. Most often the frames, braces and understructure are welded aluminum angle but can also be built as I-Beam systems. Stadium Bleachers are essentially scaled down versions of our grandstands. Whether very large or small, elevated, non-elevated, indoor/outdoor, permanent or transportable; the options are endless. Our Stadium Bleachers can be found at universities, high schools, rodeos, speedways, and even swim meets. Contact us today and let our sales professionals help you choose a system that best fits your needs.

A few customizations to consider when ordering Stadium Bleachers:

  • Angle Frame or I-Beam?
  • Permanently anchored or transportable?
  • Elevated or Non-Elevated?
  • Indoor or Outdoor?
  • Custom Press Box?
  • Seat plank, chair back seats or both?
  • Open decking, semi-closed decking or enclosed interlocking decking?
  • Ramps, Handrails or Stairs?
  • Handicap cutouts?
  • Colored riser board?
  • Heavy gauge chain link fencing or colored vinyl fencing?